Monday, March 7, 2011

365/67 ; Mono Monday.......My Brothers; Shoes

Day 67-
A while back my Mother gave me two pair of baby shoes. I am not sure why she gave them to me except that maybe she knew I would take care of them.

The two pair belonged to my twin brothers.It is hard to look at them and think they were ever that little. After all, my brothers are going to be 42 and are both over 6 foot tall.Needless to say, they are not tiny men!

All in all, I treasure these shoes and hope you like how I photographed them for today's post.

Peace...Naila Moon

Both pair in sepia

The one with the bell in black and white

The other pair sans bell in sepia

Me and my twin brothers in 2009


  1. Love the smiles! Beautiful photos

  2. How cool....Love the shoes pictures!! You guys look great together!!

  3. LOL Love your shots & twin brothers? I know that feeling!

  4. wow...see u after so long...missed u

  5. Scary that I can tell where you were standing for that picture... :?
    Wonder who Mom put the bell on to keep track of ;) he he he

  6. Marcus!!!! LOL
    Seriously, they both had bell shoes. They have just been lost over the years.