Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mono Monday-They Have Moved!!

I received a "post card" from The Claus telling me this crazy story that he and the Mrs. had moved to my former hometown of Festus...aka Po Dunk.
Here is the proof!
So, I was looking at this card and wondered what it would be like if someone was on a military operation to scope out Santa's house.  I threw the photo into picnik and this is what happened. It certainly looks stealth to me.
My mind kept wondering and I thought...ya know, Santa is really old. I wonder what would happen if his "post card" was aged? Throwing the original back in to picnik, I took it to the 1960's effect but not being completly satisfied, I went an aged it even more in sepia. I ended up with this.
I hope you enjoyed this "post card" from Santa and Mrs. Claus as much as I did.
I wrote a poem to go along with it. Enjoy!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Have MovedBy:Michelle H. aka Naila Moon of the Greywolf

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus
Moved to a new town
One wintry December day.

They stood outside their door
WIth candy canes in hand
And passed them all out
To those who lived all over the land.

Santa spoke to the kids
Whom had letters for him to see
Mrs. Claus spoke sweetly
To everyone including me.

They continued to be there
Every night through
They waved at all the children
The old
The new.

With jingle bells at their sides
And smiles on their faces
They yelled to us Merry Christmas
This really does happen every year
In Festus, Missouri
Of all places!


  1. Wonderful conversions and a lovely poem to go with it.

  2. Great job on all the conversions.

  3. LOL I love what you did with it! Scary in green! Thank you for stopping by. I think I am the only one that seen theme! LOL

  4. lol Michelle i loved the night vision look at santa and the mrs. and the old reproduction shot looks really accurate ..very nice and the poem really makes this a fantastic post words and images ..i love it